Can I buy land in the metaverse?

Private ownership of property and land is a cornerstone of modern civilisation; an aspirational goal throughout the world and popular vehicle for investing of commercial and personal finances. But now, in the frontier lands of the metaverse and the growing popularity of digital asset ownership, more people are turning their attentions to digital real estate. … Read more

What is Project Cambria (Meta Quest Pro?)

Meta has been teasing it’s next VR headset, codenamed ‘Project Cambria’. This isn’t expected to be the Meta Quest 3, but a different, higher-end headset. It could possibly be called the Meta Quest Pro. Mixing it up Meta’s recent Project Cambria demo video shows Zuckerberg himself testing out some of the capabilities of the new … Read more

How Meta’s ‘Presence Platform’ contributes to its vision for the Metaverse

At Connect last year (2021), Meta shared their vision for the Metaverse ‘a more connected digital experience that allows you to move seamlessly from one place to another and spend time with people who may be physically distant from you.’ One of the new things announced at the same time was the Presence Platform, a … Read more

How to change name on Facebook

It’s fairly common for people to change their name on Facebook, if they change surname by marriage, for example. Thankfully, Facebook make this quite easy for us. Select the dropdown list in the top right hand side corner of Facebook and choose Settings. Choose Name Enter your updated name and select Review change Finally, enter … Read more

How to delete my Facebook account

A lot of people don’t use Facebook as much as they used to. Instagram, messenger and Whatsapp remain very popular, but Facebook itself has lost some of its appeal. Many now no longer feel the need for a Facebook profile, so want to understand how to delete it. Permanent or temporary? First you need to … Read more

Instagram is trialling NFTs

Non-fungible tokens allow for the individual ‘ownership’ of digital assets, like the first ever tweet, or JPEGs of chimps wearing hats. Now, Instagram is getting in on the game, with it’s new ‘Digital Collectables‘ feature. A digital showcase Digital collectables allows creators and purchasers to share their NFT artwork via Instagram. It’s not being rolled … Read more

When will the Oculus Quest 3 come out?

The Oculus Quest 2 (now Meta Quest 2) is Meta’s most successful consumer VR hardware to date. Access to a strong ecosystem of experience and games, twinned with a relatively appealing price-point, have contributed to the device’s popularity. Many are now eagerly looking ahead to the Meta Quest 3, hoping for spec upgrades and new … Read more

Who is Nick Clegg and what does he do at Meta?

Folks in the United Kingdom have been aware of Nick Clegg for quite some time. He rose to prominence in British politics, most famously in his role of ‘Deputy Prime Minister’ when head of a UK political party called the Liberal Democrats. It’s fair to say, some eyebrows were raised when Clegg washed up on … Read more

Did Facebook ever launch a phone?

No – not strictly… Unlike Amazon with its 2014 attempt the Fire Phone, and obviously Google with its own range of devices (Pixel & Nexus) and OS ecosystem, Facebook has never launched its own mobile hardware. There was, however, something close… Meet the HTC First This device was launched back in 2013, back when HTC … Read more