What is a Crypto Wallet and what type is best?

The world of crypto and Web 3.0 can be a overwhelming. Tokens, coins, digital assets; it can be hard to keep track. That being said, one of the most essential aspects of this burgeoning digital economy, things like buying ‘land’ in the metaverse, is the crypto wallet. In short, a crypto wallet is an electronic … Read more

What is ‘Voice Mode’ in Horizon Worlds?

One of the most prominent open questions around the metaverse is how users are kept safe from unwanted attention, abuse or simply anti-social behaviour. It’s a topic Meta has been looking to address via functionality in its own metaverse applications, and Voice Mode is the latest feature-drop helping in this space. Garble garble… The new … Read more

Can I still buy a new Facebook Portal? (June 2022)

What is Portal? Facebook Portal, or Meta Portal as it’s now known, is basically a video calling hub with the Amazon Alexa smart assistant built in. The devices can also play the role of digital photo frame, showing your snaps from Facebook and Instagram, and support videoconferencing on platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The … Read more

Are ‘recurring notifications’ Meta’s answer to email marketing?

Meta has announced a new feature for businesses marketing products on their platforms – recurring notifications. Initially available through Facebook Messenger, the capability will also be rolling out on Instagram. The feature is designed to help deliver tailored and timely messages to customers, with the possibility to trigger messaging automatically, depending on the situation. For … Read more

Can I buy land in the metaverse?

Private ownership of property and land is a cornerstone of modern civilisation; an aspirational goal throughout the world and popular vehicle for investing of commercial and personal finances. But now, in the frontier lands of the metaverse and the growing popularity of digital asset ownership, more people are turning their attentions to digital real estate. … Read more

What is Project Cambria (Meta Quest Pro?)

Meta has been teasing it’s next VR headset, codenamed ‘Project Cambria’. This isn’t expected to be the Meta Quest 3, but a different, higher-end headset. It could possibly be called the Meta Quest Pro. Mixing it up Meta’s recent Project Cambria demo video shows Zuckerberg himself testing out some of the capabilities of the new … Read more

How Meta’s ‘Presence Platform’ contributes to its vision for the Metaverse

At Connect last year (2021), Meta shared their vision for the Metaverse ‘a more connected digital experience that allows you to move seamlessly from one place to another and spend time with people who may be physically distant from you.’ One of the new things announced at the same time was the Presence Platform, a … Read more