Can I still buy a new Facebook Portal? (June 2022)

What is Portal? Facebook Portal, or Meta Portal as it’s now known, is basically a video calling hub with the Amazon Alexa smart assistant built in. The devices can also play the role of digital photo frame, showing your snaps from Facebook and Instagram, and support videoconferencing on platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The … Read more

How to change name on Facebook

It’s fairly common for people to change their name on Facebook, if they change surname by marriage, for example. Thankfully, Facebook make this quite easy for us. Select the dropdown list in the top right hand side corner of Facebook and choose Settings. Choose Name Enter your updated name and select Review change Finally, enter … Read more

How to delete my Facebook account

A lot of people don’t use Facebook as much as they used to. Instagram, messenger and Whatsapp remain very popular, but Facebook itself has lost some of its appeal. Many now no longer feel the need for a Facebook profile, so want to understand how to delete it. Permanent or temporary? First you need to … Read more

Who is Nick Clegg and what does he do at Meta?

Folks in the United Kingdom have been aware of Nick Clegg for quite some time. He rose to prominence in British politics, most famously in his role of ‘Deputy Prime Minister’ when head of a UK political party called the Liberal Democrats. It’s fair to say, some eyebrows were raised when Clegg washed up on … Read more

Did Facebook ever launch a phone?

No – not strictly… Unlike Amazon with its 2014 attempt the Fire Phone, and obviously Google with its own range of devices (Pixel & Nexus) and OS ecosystem, Facebook has never launched its own mobile hardware. There was, however, something close… Meet the HTC First This device was launched back in 2013, back when HTC … Read more

Facebook logo evolution

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook’s brand has been synonymous with the colour blue. There have however, been some tweaks and evolution to the Facebook logo over time.Here’s a visual breakdown… 2004 – Launch of ‘thefacebook’ 2005 – the ‘the’ went pretty quickly, as did the brackets… 2015 – a slight revision to the font, … Read more

When did Facebook first launch?

Original version of facebook

The story of Facebook’s inception is the stuff of legend, having been popularised by the movie ‘the social network’ in 2010. The very first version of Facebook was launched in February 2004, with the slight different name ‘Thefacebook’. It was originally designed as a platform for students from Harvard University to connect with each other. … Read more

Who started Facebook?

Facebook entered the world in the halcyon days of 2004 – almost 20 years ago now. Its inception is fairly well documented, popularised by the Hollywood movie ‘the social network’ in 2004, so you will know the name Mark Zuckerberg, and might remember the name Eduardo Saverin. However, who else contributed to the founding of … Read more

Did Facebook buy the name ‘Meta’?

Facebook shocked the world when it announced its name change to ‘Meta Platforms’ in October 2021, or just ‘Meta’. We know the name is inspired by the company’s desire to be a leader in the metaverse, but how did it acquire the name? It’s all in a name… Unsurprisingly, Facebook wasn’t the first company to … Read more