Are ‘recurring notifications’ Meta’s answer to email marketing?

Meta has announced a new feature for businesses marketing products on their platforms – recurring notifications. Initially available through Facebook Messenger, the capability will also be rolling out on Instagram. The feature is designed to help deliver tailored and timely messages to customers, with the possibility to trigger messaging automatically, depending on the situation. For … Read more

Who is Nick Clegg and what does he do at Meta?

Folks in the United Kingdom have been aware of Nick Clegg for quite some time. He rose to prominence in British politics, most famously in his role of ‘Deputy Prime Minister’ when head of a UK political party called the Liberal Democrats. It’s fair to say, some eyebrows were raised when Clegg washed up on … Read more

Introducing, Meta Platforms Inc.

What is Meta? Meta, or Meta Platforms inc, is a ‘Social Technology Company‘. To me and you though, it is the company formerly known as Facebook, which stills runs the social media platform, alongside other huge platforms including Instagram and Whatsapp. Meta was introduce to the world in October 2021 by CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The … Read more