Can I still buy a new Facebook Portal? (June 2022)

What is Portal?

Facebook Portal, or Meta Portal as it’s now known, is basically a video calling hub with the Amazon Alexa smart assistant built in. The devices can also play the role of digital photo frame, showing your snaps from Facebook and Instagram, and support videoconferencing on platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

The devices in the portal range offer various different guises. There are those tablet-like devices with a built in screen, while consumers could also opt for a camera only device, designed to work as an add-on for your lounge TV.

Can I still buy one?

At the time of writing, yes, you can purchase a shiny new Meta Portal device, should you wish. A quick search on Amazon shows various Portal devices in stock and ready to ship.

However, Meta has reportedly decided to halt it’s sales of Portal devices to consumers, with sources close to the company’s strategy suggesting the Portal proposition has been far more popular with business users. Portal has always been a tough-sell, given the strong competition from the likes of Google and Amazon, so this is perhaps not a big surprise.

Meta will continue to sell Portal until stocks run dry, but will no longer manufacture new stock of the devices.

Will my Facebook Portal device still work?

Yes. It is expected that Meta will continue to provide ‘long-term’ software support for existing Portal customers, so owners don’t need to worry about their device becoming obsolete anytime too soon.