How to change name on Facebook

It’s fairly common for people to change their name on Facebook, if they change surname by marriage, for example.

Thankfully, Facebook make this quite easy for us.

  1. Select the dropdown list in the top right hand side corner of Facebook and choose Settings.
  2. Choose Name
  3. Enter your updated name and select Review change
  4. Finally, enter your password and choose Save changes

How often can I change my name on Facebook?

You can only change you name on Facebook once every 60 days.

Can I change my Facebook name to anything?

No. Facebook has some guidelines for what is and isn’t allowed for a name.

Not allowed;

  • Symbols, numbers, unusual capitalisation, repeating characters or punctuation.
  • Characters from multiple languages.
  • Titles of any kind (e.g. professional, religious).
  • Words or phrases rather than a name.
  • Offensive or suggestive words of any kind.

Facebook suggests that the name on your profile should match the name on a form of ID.

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