Instagram is trialling NFTs

Non-fungible tokens allow for the individual ‘ownership’ of digital assets, like the first ever tweet, or JPEGs of chimps wearing hats.

Now, Instagram is getting in on the game, with it’s new ‘Digital Collectables‘ feature.

A digital showcase

Digital collectables allows creators and purchasers to share their NFT artwork via Instagram. It’s not being rolled out to the mainstream just yet, but a chosen few in the US are testing the functionality.

The feature includes;

  • Connecting a digital wallet to Instagram.
  • Sharing of digital collectables. These posts will have a ‘shimmer effect’ to denote an NFT asset.
  • Automatic tagging of both the creator and collector, allowing for proper attribution for the artwork.
Some visuals of the functionality from Instagram

At launch, Digital Collectables will work with Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, with Flow and Solana coming soon. Users will also need to use a digital wallet from Rainbow, MetaMask and Trust Wallet, with Coinbase Wallet, Dapper, and Phantom coming soon. Instagram have also announced there won’t be any fee to use the feature.

You can learn more in the official announcement from Instagram.