Meta’s ‘Horizon Worlds’ launches in the UK

Today, Meta have announced via the Oculus Blog, that Horizon Worlds is launching imminently in the UK.

Horizon Worlds is Meta’s platform for virtual reality worlds and communities. Meta describe it as ‘the most collaborative platform in VR’. People can use the platform with VR headsets like the Oculus Quest 2, to build and experience virtual creations in a metaverse like world.

As of right now, Horizon Worlds is still showing as ‘Coming Soon’ in the UK Oculus Quest store. However, Meta’s announcement does say it will be rolling out ‘this week’, so we can expect this to be updated soon.

Rolling out in Europe

Last month Meta announced that ‘Horizon Venues’ would be rolled into Worlds, allowing users to catch live events like sports and music in the app.

They also announced they would be rolling out Horizon Worlds ‘in more countries this summer’. It looks like the UK then is the point of the vanguard, and we can expect to see further rollout out of the platform to other European countries in the coming weeks and months.