What is Project Cambria (Meta Quest Pro?)

Meta has been teasing it’s next VR headset, codenamed ‘Project Cambria’.

This isn’t expected to be the Meta Quest 3, but a different, higher-end headset. It could possibly be called the Meta Quest Pro.

Mixing it up

Meta’s recent Project Cambria demo video shows Zuckerberg himself testing out some of the capabilities of the new headset, including mixed reality.

We don’t get to see much of the device itself, but learn about the device’s ability for high-resolution, full-colour ‘passthrough’. This means wearers can interact with virtual objects overlaid onto their real-life environments – like a chessboard.

Current Meta Quest VR headsets can only display passthrough content in shades of grey. Cambria however, will have much higher resolution image sensors, making the real-world look better for the user inside the headset.

Powered by Presence Platform

Alongside its tease for Project Cambria, Meta has also released more content around its Presence Platform.

Presence Platform is a collection of Software Development Kits (SDKs) designed to make it easier for developers to build experiences in the Metaverse. You can learn about it in our recent write up – How Meta’s ‘Presence Platform’ contributes to its vision for the Metaverse

As for a name, it’s unlikely the final device will continue with the word ‘Cambria’. Cambria is actually the Medieval Latin name for the country of Wales. Why this has been used as a codename for an upcoming VR & AR headset, is anyone’s guess…