When will the Oculus Quest 3 come out?

The Oculus Quest 2 (now Meta Quest 2) is Meta’s most successful consumer VR hardware to date. Access to a strong ecosystem of experience and games, twinned with a relatively appealing price-point, have contributed to the device’s popularity.

Many are now eagerly looking ahead to the Meta Quest 3, hoping for spec upgrades and new features.

But, when will it come out and what can we expect from it? We’ll keep this post updated as we know more.

Last Updated: 15/05/22

Meta Quest 3 Release Date

  • There is currently no formal announcement from Meta of a release date for a Meta / Oculus Quest 3 device.
  • We know Meta is planning another ‘Connect’ event this year. Last year’s event took place in October, so it would be reasonable to expect a similar timeframe.
  • In a blog post in April this year by Meta’s Diego Duarte Moreira, it is suggested that the company will use connect to ‘share the latest on our VR, AR, and metaverse platform offerings.’

    This does appear to point to a potential announcement on the VR devices.

Meta Quest 3 Features

  • Given the lack of a formal announcement, specs for the next Quest device are currently unknown.
  • It is rumoured it will use ‘uOLED’ screen technology, although we can’t find anymore information on this at the moment.
  • Full body tracking could feature in a Quest headset for the first time – this is currently an experimental feature found in the Oculus Unity developer SDK.